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The power of webcasting at your fingertips

A user-friendly webcasting platform empowering professionals to setup, manage and broadcasting with ease, backed by cutting-edge technology, advanced security and unlimited functionalities.

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Key features that makes icastGo the best platform for webcast

Empower your professional webcasts with customizable branding, secure access, and seamless third-party app integration. Enjoy live editing, advanced video playback, and scalable support for 100 to 100,000+ participants. Integrate data with  CRM and gain valuable insights with comprehensive audience analytics. Elevate your broadcasting experience with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support.


Customization & Branding

Tailor webcasts to reflect your brand’s unique identity with flexible customization options. Add logos, colors, and personalized messaging to create a cohesive and professional presentation.

Online Editing & Archiving

Effortlessly refine your archived webcasts with intuitive editing tools. Seamlessly archive and prepare any previous webcast in advance, edit it, and launch it as live to keep your audience engaged with fresh, relevant material without the stress.


Flexible & Secure Access

Provide multiple access options to accommodate various audience needs while ensuring data protection with robust security features. Confidently manage permissions and safeguard sensitive information.



Effortlessly scale your webcasting from small groups to large audiences, supporting 100 to 100,000+ participants. Ensure consistent performance and reliability, regardless of the event size.


CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate webcasting data with your CRM. Capture valuable attendee information and insights, enhancing your marketing and sales strategies with actionable data.

Advanced Playback

Offer viewers a superior experience with playlist-format video playback. Deliver high-quality video content that is easy to navigate, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Comprehensive Analytics:

Gain deep insights into your audience's behavior with detailed analytics. Track engagement, measure success, and optimize future webcasts based on comprehensive data.


Embedded Capabilities

Enhance your webcast with seamless integration of third-party apps within the slide interface. Engage your audience with interactive tools and applications for a richer, more dynamic experience.

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What people say about us

"We were looking for a flexible webcasting solution applicable to all of the Desjardins Group. We needed a supplier that could support a high volume. For several years we have found in Digicast a reliable and solid partner with high quality standards, both technically and securely combined with an excellent customer service level. Their solutions allow us to confidently deliver webcasting for our large-scale digital events as well as for our daily communications."

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About Digicast

At Digicast, we understand that not every communication need requires a fully-managed webcasting solution. That's why we developed icastGo, a self-serve webcasting platform that empowers tech-savvy clients to set up, operate, and manage their own webcasts. With icastGo, you have complete control over your webcasting experience, from setup and configuration to broadcasting and analytics. Our intuitive platform is designed with the user in mind, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. And as with all Digicast products, you can trust that icastGo is built on cutting-edge technology and backed by a team of expert support staff. With icastGo, you can take your webcasting to the next level and achieve your communication goals with ease and confidence.

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